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Why should you service your gas appliance? Think of it like a car, you wouldn't expect your vehicle to continue to run smoothly without regular upkeep - a gas appliance is just the same. Servicing will keep your heating system healthy and help prevent unexpected bills which often arise due to lack of maintenance. 

Many new boilers also require you to service these annually to validate the manufacturer's warranty.  

We offer an annual servicing package to check for any issues and to ensure that the appliance is working as effectively as possible. We aim to identify and resolve any concerns before they become a costly problem. This may include a full strip-down service which is recommended every 4-5 years depending on the manufacturer.

Prices from only £65


If you have a boiler that's showing signs of age, becoming unreliable or starting to incur repair costs, then it might be time to swap to a newer, more efficient model. We can help you choose the boiler that is right for your needs and install it professionally.


We specialise in new combination boilers, full new systems both vented and  unvented.

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Landlord Certifications

As a Landlord you are required by law to have your gas installation checked by a registered Gas Safe engineer. We have you covered. 

We will do thorough checks to make sure the appliance safety devices work appropriately, these checks include:

  • Checking the installation is in a safe and appropriate location

  • Ensuring appliances are working at the correct pressures

  • Make sure the air supply is adequate and is burning gas correctly

  • Review the flues and chimneys to make sure they are clear, unobstructed and emitting all fumes outside


Once complete we will issue your annual certification. Please enquire if you would like to book a 5-year plan for a reduced rate.


To book your first appointment contact us now.

Fault Finding & Repairs

Has your gas appliance become unreliable or do you have safety concerns? We are highly efficient at identifying faults and fixing them promptly. Need help in a hurry? We can assist you within 48 hours of your enquiry. 

We specialise in boilers, gas fires and cooking appliances.

We identify faults and source replacement parts with all repairs performed by an experienced technician. We also promise the added assurance of minimising the level of disruption for you and your family while the work takes place.


Prices from £65, contact us now to arrange a repair.

Radiator Instalation

Upgrading radiators can add a new lease of life to a room. We will ensure they are installed safely & securely.




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